Garden Hose Wand Extender

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Container Garden Watering Systems

Here are a few tips for effective watering of plant containers and pots.

  • The larger the planter, the less watering they will require over time.
  • If they are placed in the shade, then the need for water will be greatly reduced.
  • When you do water, make sure that you water thoroughly, flood until water comes out the bottom, and then repeat.
  • Make sure that your hoses are easily accessible; you don’t want to drag them from afar every time.
  • Use saucers, you can fill the saucers with water in dry weather. Gives them a little extra moisture.
  • Use water retention materials in your soil. There are numerous varieties at your garden centre. Make sure to read the instructions for us.
  • Lastly, if your plants are severely wilted, try and move to a shady spot and then give them a good watering. They are hardy and will survive.

Water is essential for all your pots, planters and containers. It is ideal to ensure that the soil is evenly moist at all times. You may have to water more than once a day in very hot, dry weather or if you have your plants in small pots.

Take the time you spend watering and make it a pleasure. The watering wand is very easy to use and doesn’t flood the plants; it offers a gentle spray to give a good soaking. Ideally, be sure to soak the root ball. This encourages the plants into deep rooting, thus making them more drought tolerant over time. Take the time to enjoy your containers, watering offers a chance to deadhead if required, see which plants are thriving and can be considered a winner for next year or perhaps somee would do better moved to another location.

The easiest way to make sure that your planters are in excellent shape is to install a drip irrigation system. Whether the drip system is practical or not depends on the layout of your containers and planters. If they are close together, all on your patio or balcony area, you may be able to install a spigot and pipe around the perimeter of your deck with emitters in each pot. You may want to create different zones so that the pots can be watered at different times.

One of the simplest ways to ensure that your plants are properly watered is to create self watering planters, pots and window boxes. You can do this with any of your existing or new planters. Create a reservoir at the bottom of the container for the water, cover with a wicking material and then place the container soil on top. Slide a refillable cylinder down to the bottom (just off the bottom of the pot). Over time, the plant roots extend down into the water. Just make sure to keep the reservoir filled either using the tube or via a hole in the side of the container near the bottom. You can purchase a Self Watering Planter Conversion Kit which gives you all the materials required self watering planters.


About the Author

Marion Stewart is an avid gardener. She loves sitting on her deck surrounded by so many varied flower-packed and herb planted containers. Her continued research has found these spectacular fine quality resin planters and garden containers and offers them in numerous colors, sizes and styles. Find your best planter at the

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